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Ready to book your session? Shoot us an email with a few available dates and we'll get you on the calendar! :)

Below are a few FAQs that might be helpful too!

What location should I choose?
Choose a place that reflects your family and your style. You can start between narrowing it down to a natural earthy setting or a modern city setting or we can set out for a family event like a picnic or staying in to bake cookies.

What should I wear?
Choose clothes that go well together but don't match completely. I'm not a huge fan of everyone in red sweaters and jeans. I always say to wear your favorite normal day outfit. Choose colors that register well on camera. Colors like navy, pale pink, and cream with leather accents are much more classic than bright red or orange. Also, stay away from logos or pictures on clothes. Don't choose anything that will distract from your face.

What does my session include?
Your session includes a 2-4 minute video set to music, 30 high resolution digital images with printing rights and a 4x6 print of each image.

Will I have the copyright?
No, the copyright remains with us however you will have personal printing rights and can share the images with family and friends.

Is there any other way I can prepare?
We will both take turns giving some direction throughout the session. It will be fun and relaxed! Even though having two cameras around might be intimidating at first, we both make the session lighthearted and stress free. By the end, we'll just feel like we all got together to hang out for an afternoon!

How soon after the session will I get everything?
We aim for about 30 days. If you're needing the video for something special like a Grandparents gift, definitely let us know and depending on our schedule, we will do what we can! :)

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